Gum Myrrh

Gum Myrrh is the golden brown resin that belongs to specie commiphora myrrha. Color of this incense ranges from a crystal crude yellow to dusky brown. Botanical names are Commiphora myrrha, Commiphora abyssinica and Commiphora schimperi. Common names are natural Myrrh, Molmol, Mulmul, Ogadain, Gold Frankincense and also known as Myrh, Myrhh, Myrha, Myrra, Murr, Mir. Main constituents are alcohol soluble resin, Volatile oils, Water-soluble gum & Sterols. The taste is bitter, has strong incense aroma. It bears in earthy, oaky, moist scent with a sweet cinnamon like flare when burned.

It is used in Temples, Mosques and Churches as consecrated incense, essential oils, in pharma, naturopathy, dermatology, special effects in film, natural candles, air freshener, fragrance i.e. perfumes, cologne, natural soaps, ayurvedic medicine and aroma Therapy.

Myrrh is available in tears, pea size, sifting, granules, lumps and powdered. You may enquire at or buy online from

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