Gum Myrrh

Gum Myrrh Gold Frankincense is the golden brown resin that belongs to specie commiphora myrrha. This is an incense resin that exudes from specific tree trunk, gather in the form of irregular masses.

Alfarid Corporation stocks murr in significant quantity and makes it available in several grades and cuts such as granules, lumps, large and small peasize, sifting and powdered myrrh. Black myrrh is available for supply in resin and powder format. The other names are murr, mire, myrra, mur, myrh, myrhh, mire, myhhr.

Frankincense and murr is popularly used as a flavor ingredient and medicinal preparations in Pharma industry to treat wounds, digestive and bronchial complaints. It is used as incense for perfumery and incense sticks making and in cosmetics applications such as body hydrating lotions, creams, deodorant sprays etc. Myrrh is significantly used as incense burning in orthodox diocese and other religious rituals.

As an extract of gum myrrh, several products are prepared from incense sticks, soaps, aroma therapy and essential oils, scented candles to concentrated scent and room fresheners and sprays. In beverages, myrrh is used as a stabilizer as well.  Several other uses for frankincense and myrrh make these the most significant used incense resin in the world.  

Myrrh Small Pea Size


Selected small pea size cut of Murr popularliy used as flavor ingredient.

Gum Myrrh Lumps


Commiphora Myrrha's selected as large pieces or lumps from the highest grade, also called Ogaden.

Myrrh Large Pea Size


These are large pea size resin cuts suiting different industrial needs.

Gum Myrrh Ogadain


Ogaden is the highest grade gum myrrh gold frankincense.

Gum Myrrh Sifting


Frankincense and Murr is selected as siftings prepared from premium quality myrrh.

Gum Myrrh Tears

Gold Frankincense

Gum Myrrh Tears is a special natural cut liked by EU & US clients.

Myrrh Grade B

Gum Myrrh

Gum Myrrh Grade B has several uses in industries like cosmetic, incense etc.

Black Myrrh


Black Myrrh is used as incense resin and is popular in South America..

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Black Myrrh Powder

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